This phase includes constant monitoring and interaction. We keep an eye on budgets to ensure the lowest costs, stay on top of schedules for timely delivery and work closely with the design team to create your vision.


Working with a trusted team, we hold ourselves accountable throughout the entire build. From sequence to production and quality control, we stay focused on the goal.


This is the last but vital step in any build. Post-construction includes site cleanup, systems training, final inspections and move-in coordination. After completion, we have a final walkthrough to ensure your complete satisfaction.


As you prepare to embark on a project that demands a considerable investment of both time and money, it is only natural to seek assurance that you are partnering with the right construction company. With countless contractors available to choose from, making the right decision can feel overwhelming.
Our goal is to make sure that our customers have all of their questions answered without any hesitation or confusion about what direction to take in order to get the best results possible.
As a full-service firm, Atecco is present on projects from start to finish, ensuring that the ideas conceived in the beginning with clients are manifest at the end. We achieve this through close collaboration with all members of the project team, including consultants and contractors.